A lucky South Carolina neighborhood is rejoicing today because another celebrity has opened their heart and, of course, their wallet. This time it’s the one and only Prince. The iconic music figure dug deep into his purple purse and pulled out a $250,000 donation to a particular neighborhood in Columbia, South Carolina — where his drummer, John Blackwell Jr. hails from.

Blackwell and Prince presented the hefty check to The Eau Claire Promise Zone officials. According to the associated press the district covers 12 neighborhoods that participate in “Promise Neighborhoods” movement.

The purpose of “Promise Neighborhoods” is said to “significantly improve the educational and developmental outcomes of children in our most distressed communities, and to transform those communities,” as written on its website.

Just recently, Idris Elba, Beyonce and Solange have all pulled out their loaded wallets and purses to help those in need. As the saying goes, pay it forward.


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