The White House Cannot Confirm Or Deny If Trump Will Benefit From New Tax Bill

Will President Donald Trump benefit for the new tax reform bill or not? That is the question no one in the White House seems to be able to answer directly.

On Tuesday, the Republicans were able to pass the most drastic tax plan in 30 years, which will cut healthcare for millions of Americans, award the one percent and put the country $1.3 trillion more in debt, according to analysis.

It’s also said to create financial incentives for billion-dollar companies, like the ones Trump owns.

While questions about the GOP’s tax bill loom, so do the inquiries into Trump’s tax returns.

When asked by reporters if Trump will share his tax returns and benefit from his new plan, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders foddered. 

“I get that he doesn’t want to release his taxes, but that would put all of these questions to rest,” a reporter said. 

To which Huckabee Sanders replied, “As we’ve said many, many times before the president’s taxes are still under audit. And until that is completed, we wouldn’t move forward on putting his taxes out.”

When asked if he’ll benefit from the reform that’s awaiting his signature, Huckabee Sanders said he won’t… with no evidence to back her statement up.

“On the personal side this actually could impact the president in a large way,” she said. “I’m not sure if he’s done a side-by-side but I know that there are a number of provisions that would negatively impact the president personally, and so we contend that those comments are still very consistent.”

Huckabee is correct: Trump has stated on many occasions that his taxes were under audit, which is why he won’t show them. The only problem with that argument is that the Internal Revenue Service says that audits have nothing to do with transparency, and Trump can willfully show his returns. 

So once again, a man who ran a smear campaign against the transparency of the last president (who just happened to be a Black man), is not transparent himself.