If you’re still holding out hope that First Lady Michelle Obama will run for political office of any kind in the near future, you may be waiting a lifetime.

Although supporters across the country have continued to urge Mrs. Obama to consider running for president or some kind of political office in the future, both FLOTUS and POTUS have repeatedly dismissed the idea. Echoing his wife’s sentiments from earlier this year, President Obama recently told Rolling Stone that Michelle running for office is completely out of the question. 

Michelle will never run for office,” Obama said. “She is as talented a person as I know. You can see the incredible resonance she has with the American people. But I joke that she’s too sensible to want to be in politics.”

The President also spoke in detail about his immediate plans following the official end of his tenure in the White House this coming January. “You know, I’m gonna sleep for a couple of weeks when I get out of here, take my wife on a well-deserved vacation,” he added. “And I’ll spend time in my first year out of office writing a book, and I’m gonna be organizing my presidential center, which is gonna be focused on precisely this issue of how do we train and empower the next generation of leadership.” 

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In an interesting share, the current Commander-In-Chief also revealed that part of his post-presidency focus will be on helping to reshape “storytelling” in the age of digital media, while also remaining active in grassroots efforts connected to the very causes he was passionate about on the campaign trail eight years ago.

“How do we rethink our storytelling, the messaging and the use of technology and digital media, so that we can make a persuasive case across the country? And not just in San Francisco or Manhattan but everywhere, about why climate change matters or why issues of economic inequality have to be addressed,” POTUS said. “So I will continue to be very active, and Michelle is going to continue to be very active – and [on] the very thing that brought us here, which is our belief that when you work with people on the ground at a grassroots level, change happens. When people feel disconnected from the institutions of government, they can swing back and forth in all sorts of ways.”

In short, it sounds like the Obamas will have their hands full on the personal and professional fronts once they are out of the White House, but running a political campaign for the current FLOTUS will most certainly not be on their to-do list.