President Obama delivered a moving speech Saturday focused on uplifting Black Women. 

During his keynote speech at the Congressional Black Caucus’ Phoenix Awards, POTUS spoke about the disadvantages Black women face such as being stuck in minimum wage jobs, higher rates of illness and facing higher rates of incarceration than other women, reports News One.

“Women were the foot soldiers. They strategized boycotts. Organized marches,” he said. “All of us are the beneficiaries of a long line of strong black women who helped carry our country. It’s thanks to black women that we’ve come a long way since the days when a girl like Ruby Bridges couldn’t go to school…Black women have been a part of every great movement in American history. Even if they weren’t always given a voice.”

While advocating for the placement of a Black woman on the $10 bill, President Obama also acknowledged that the symbolic act wouldn’t be enough when it comes to wage gaps. 

“We’ve got to make sure they are getting some ten dollar bills,” he said, “that they are getting paid properly.”

He also briefly mentioned Hilary Clinton, calling her “outstanding” and noting that she can relate to the concerns of closing the wage gap that women face. 

President Obama rounded out his speech touching on criminal justice reform, law enforcement, and calling for more of an effort to stop violence against women of all backgrounds.