President Obama, The First Lady Danced the Night Away in Argentina
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Ok, Barry and Michelle have moves!

Every Photo You Want to See of the Obamas’ Historic Trip to Cuba

The President and The First Lady spent their first night in Argentina dancing a little awkwardly at a State Dinner. During the dinner, hosted by Argentine President Mauricio Macri, Barack and Michelle Obama were beckoned to the dance floor, treating the audiences to an unexpected performance. 

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Malia Obama Is Acting as the President’s Translator in Cuba

Judging by the look on his face, President Obama seems a little stressed, like a kid at their recital. It’s kind of funny, you can see his brain going into overdrive as he dances. Michelle, on the other hand, is pretty chill the entire time, even chuckling with her partner. Don’t stress, Barry, dancing isn’t for everyone.

President Obama Becomes First President in 88 Years to Visit Cuba

The Obamas, who just visited Cuba, won’t be in Argentina for long, traveling to Patagonia for a hike before heading back to the states.