The mainstream world is just getting hip to the significance that President Obama and his First Lady Michelle’s relationship holds for Black women everywhere.

A recent Associated Press article explores the growing trend of using the President’s first name as a dating term to describe a Black woman’s prototype or “IBM (Ideal Black Man).

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“He absolutely makes me think it’s attainable,” Monica Weeks, a 51-year-old divorced mom in Somerset, New Jersey, told the AP. “For women who are older and seeking a man, I think we can look at him and say, ‘All is not lost.’ “

Back in February, offered tips on “Finding Your Mr. Obama.” But just as the President has made Black women swoon, the First Lady has also set the standard for Black men.

“The Obamas have a huge affect on Black men and women. Even the young guys on the street have a certain level of pride nowadays,” Tony Award-winning actress LaChanze, 47, told “Prior to this, young guys on the streets might yell out things to get a woman’s attention. Just the other day a young man yelled out to me and asked, ‘Hey, do you want to be my Michelle Obama?’ At least they are thinking monogamously, and that’s a good sign.”—KNB