President Donald Trump is acknowledging what many of us already know…He’s a nationalist. It’s not as if that was not already obvious. He built his campaign on nationalism, and his infamous slogans “Make America Great Again” and the less popular “America First” give a clear link to his political ideologies. That being said, it is worth noting this is likely the first time he’s acknowledged his beliefs out loud to the public in such succinct words. While at a rally in Houston, Texas, the president proudly declared that he was a “nationalist.” “A globalist is a person that wants the globe to do well, frankly not caring about the country so much. You know, we can’t have that,” Trump said. “They have a word, it’s sort of become old fashioned. It’s called a nationalist and I say really we’re not supposed to use that word, but you know what I’m a nationalist,” he continued as the crowd cheered. “I’m a nationalist.” The audience went into chants of “USA! USA!”