On bad hair days, it’s perfectly acceptable to scrape your strands back in a pony — but it’s such an obvious route! The unexpectedly chic style choice? Pinning your hair into a bun and sliding on a flirty, feathered headband. We’re so in love with Tatiana Ali’s whimsical-yet-classic ‘do — not only is it versatile (the headband works on every hair length, even the shortest buzz cut), the headband instantly dresses up your entire ensemble. Forever 21 has some fabulous, affordable options, like the Peacock Headband and the Polka Dot Feathered Headband ($6 each, forever21.com).

Pro tip: If you use hairspray, styling serum, or any other product to finish your ‘do, make sure you apply before putting on the headband, or else the feather could get sticky and matted.

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