Portland Police Looking For Man Who Shoved, Kicked Livestreamer
Zane Sparling/Twitter

The Portland, Oregon, Police Department is investigating after a man was captured on camera pushing a man to the ground and kicking him in the face.

The department itself announced its involvement in the assault after footage began circulating online from Portland Tribune journalist Zayne Sparling.

According to the Tribune, the incident occurred on Saturday during a rally organized by the violent, far-right SPLC-designated hate group the Proud Boys, which was underattended after thousands were expected to show up.

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It didn’t take long for violence to break out, with members of the notorious group allegedly pushing independent journalists. Some members were seen carrying long guns and even carrying Taser shields.

In the video recorded by Sparling, the man, who was reportedly livestreaming the event, is seen rolling on the grass as the unidentified assailant walks toward him, presumably after pushing him. As members of the press record, the attacker kicks the man before picking up the man’s phone and tossing it away.

In the end the police reached out to the public for more information.