POLL: When Is It Appropriate to Move Out of Your Parents’ Home?
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There was once a point in time when everyone just couldn’t wait to move out of their parents’ home. Now…not so much. 

Though employment rates have increased and full-time positions are on the rise, according to the Pew Research Center, millennials have jobs yet still live at home with their parents. 

This is in stark contrast to when the recession hit in 2007, when 42.7 million adults ages 18-34 lived autonomously. Today, 42.2 million adults ages 18-34 are still nested with their parents. Apparently, this could be due to excessive tertiary school loans.   

Credit report data shows that student loan debt as well as other economic difficulties prevent young adults from living independently.

When do you think it is most appropriate time for children (or adults, for that matter), to move out? Are you empathetic to the current circumstances, or is there a stringent expiration date set for their moving out departure? Sound off below. 

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