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POLL: What Is the Most Annoying Type of Couple Oversharing Online?

As more celeb couples "overshare" on Twitter, which common faux pas really gets under your skin?
POLL: What Is the Most Annoying Type of Couple Oversharing Online?
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Ask anyone you know who’s addicted to checking and sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram which social media behaviors annoy them most, and chances are, they’ll spout off a (very!) long list of gripes – and couple TMI shares is usually one of the first faux paus to be mentioned.

Yesterday, notoriously private rapper, Kanye West, committed his own TMI offense when he tweeted “Heading Home Now” in response to girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s revealing full-body, swimsuit selfie post on her Instagram feed – and fans knew exactly what he was rushing home to do. At press time, his tweet had already received 42,724 Retweets and 27, 159 Favorites, and counting. But they’re not the only celebs known for “oversharing” on Twitter. Earlier this month, Mariah Carey surprised husband Nick Cannon (and her 14-million Twitter followers) on his birthday by sharing a cleavage close up on Twitter.

Let’s face it, when couples go back and forth sharing sexy photos, naughty tweets, and “miss you so much” comments, you either love it or hate it – and both sides have a point, although those against it are always more vocal than the rest.

Are you annoyed when couple’s share their love digitally? We compiled a list of the most-commonly mentioned couple TMI gripes, and we want to know which one you find the least tolerable.

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