WNBA Players Wear Shirts Supporting Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s Opponent’s Election Campaign
Alex Wong/Getty Images

WNBA players have been taking a stand against Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler, including the Atlanta Dream, a team that Loeffler co-owns.

According to CNN, players have been seen wearing “Vote Warnock” shirts, referencing the Rev. Raphael Warnock who is challenging Loeffler for her seat in the Senate.

Those players include Atlanta Dream center Elizabeth Williams, who posed for a photo wearing her “Vote Warnock” shirt.

“We are @wnba players, but like the late, great John Lewis said, we are also ordinary people with extraordinary vision,” Williams tweeted out. “@ReverendWarnock has spent his life fighting for the people and we need him in Washington. Join the movement for a better Georgia at Warnockforgeorgia.com.”

Loeffler drew ire last month after expressing her disdain for the Black Lives Matter movement, and insisting that politics do not belong in sports.

“Sports have tremendous power to unite us,” Loeffler told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham in an interview defending her position. “The WNBA has embraced the Black Lives Matter political organization. This is a very divisive organization based on Marxist principles.”

“This week [BLM] threatened to burn the system down literally and figuratively if they don’t get what they want. This is an organization that seeks to destroy American principles and I had to draw the line,” she added while urging to “unite behind the American flag.”

Loeffler has since released a statement, blasting the WNBA for participating in “cancel culture,” according to CNN.

“This is just more proof that the out of control cancel culture wants to shut out anyone who disagrees with them,” she said. “It’s clear that the league is more concerned with playing politics than basketball.”