Donald Trump Beefs Up ‘Rigged Election’ Talk As He Slips At The Polls
Getty Images

Donald Trump is beefing up the rigged election talk as he continues to slip at the polls. 

In his latest effort to gain more votes, the Republican presidential nominee has been employing the misguided strategy of vehemently insisting that the November election will be rigged.

“The election is absolutely being rigged by the dishonest and distorted media pushing Crooked Hillary – but also at many polling places – SAD,” Trump tweeted on Sunday. 

Although many voters seem to recognize the claims as nothing more than one of Trump’s several recent efforts to justify his steadily decreasing poll numbers, there is concern that his irresponsible tactic will do more damage to the American political system in the long run. 

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Politicians raising concerns about the validity of the election process is certainly nothing new, but as CNN points out, Trump so adamantly planting the thought that the election results will be rigged before the bulk of Americans have even voted yet may be fostering a heightened sense of distrust in the political process overall.

While Trump and his team may see the tactic as just another way to plant doubt in the minds of undecided voters in hopes of swaying their decision in his direction, the strategy actually could prove to make things more difficult for both Republicans and Democrats as voters’ distrust in the political system continues to grow. 

Ultimately, the potential effects of suggesting that voters question the integrity of the voting process at a time when many people are struggling to place their trust in either candidate could very well serve to do more harm than good for the country long after this election is over.