CNN Guest Ridiculously Compares Donald Trump’s Sexual Assault Comments To Beyoncé Lyrics
Courtesy of CNN

Donald Trump’s Republican supporters are pulling out all the stops to defend the recently-released tapes that heard the GOP presidential nominee speak explicitly about sexually assaulting women in 2005.

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Appearing on CNN to discuss the fallout from Trump’s lewd comments earlier this week, Former NY Lieutenant Governor and Donald Trump Supporter Betsy McCaughey took things to another level when attempting to liken his statements to Hillary Clinton’s alleged “love” of Beyoncé. 

After she voiced her disdain for rap lyrics (which was met with sensible opposition from Don Lemon, who reminded her that rappers aren’t running for President), McCaughey turned her attention to Beyoncé’s “Formation” lyrics. 

“Hillary Clinton expresses that she finds the language on [the tape] horrific,” McCaughey began. “But in fact, she likes language like this: “I came to slay, Bitch. When he effs me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster.”

Per usual, the peculiar moment was soon shared on social media and we must say, it sounds even more ridiculous the second time around.

And not surprisingly, the Beyhive soon found McCaughey. And you know how they get down:

Hear McCaughey’s outlandish commentary in full below.


We are truly speechless.


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