In Water Is Wet News: Majority Of Republicans Don’t Want Trump Impeached, New Poll Finds

Following the House adopting a resolution confirming a formal impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump conspiring with the Ukrainian government to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, a new CNN poll finds that U.S. citizens are split along partisan lines on if the inquiry should move forward.

According to Friday’s poll, 49% of Americans indicated that Trump should be impeached and removed from office, while 47% indicated that he should not be impeached.

Of that number, 82% of Democrats support removing Trump from office, while 13% are against it. Eighteen percent of Republicans back removing Trump, while 82% oppose it. Independents are more evenly split, with 47% backing impeachment and 49% against it.

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Overall, 38% of Americans approve of Trump’s job as president; 58% disapprove; and 48% strongly disapprove, according to the poll. Additionally Trump’s disapproval rating stands at 91% among Democrats, 57% among independents and 74% among Republicans.

As ESSENCE previously reported, Trump has repeatedly called the impeachment inquiry a “witch hunt,” a “fraud,” and a “coup,” and most recently, a “lynching.”


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