Omarosa Insists She Joined The Trump Campaign To Help Black People
Peter Kramer/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Omarosa Manigault’s recent interview on ABC’s 20/20 did little to help her damaged reputation with the African-American community, but the Trump campaign affiliate still insists she actually took the position because she wanted to help Black people.

While she candidly revealed that she lost both colleagues and close friends over the decision to align herself with Trump, the former Celebrity Apprentice contestant wasn’t apologetic about it in the least. Instead, she issued an indirect warning, of sorts, to those who didn’t stand by her as she moved into Trump territory. “I will never forget the people who turned their backs on me,” she said during the interview. The announcement that Manigault would be joining Trump’s team earlier this year was mostly met with skeptical reactions from the Black community, given Trump’s consistent string of racially insensitive and offensive statements made during his campaign. 

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Despite that fact, Manigault still wants the masses to believe that her intentions were more good than bad. “All I was trying to do was help the Black community. It’s been so incredibly hard,” she said.

Somewhere along the line, Manigault seems to have missed the memo that a Black woman publicly supporting a man who repeatedly showed little regard for women, people of color, Muslims and people with disabilities throughout the course of his campaign is the exact opposite of doing anything to “help Black communities.”