Obama for President 2020. Michelle Obama that is.

With the election of Donald Trump last week, Michelle came up as the candidate of choice for many to take Trump on for re-election in 2020.

#Michelle2020 became a trending hashtag following last week’s shocking election as hopeful citizens tweeted their wishes to see the current First Lady run in four years.

On Monday, she addressed the call to run in an event for Veteran’s homelessness in the White House when someone in the audience yelled to her, “Run for president!”

She laughed along with the audience before saying, “You be quiet back there,” with feigned seriousness.

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Michelle Obama played a critical role for Hillary Clinton during the campaign as both a campaigner and critic to Donald Trump. She also provided the Democratic nominee’s campaign its unofficial slogan.

“When they go low,” she said, “We go high.”

She may have shot down a run for the presidency, but we still have four years to convince her otherwise.