Rep. Maxine Waters Claimed Her ‘Told You So’ Moment After Comey Hearings
Chelsea Lauren

Rep. Maxine Waters is unmoved. 

The California Democrat is still on a quest to have President Donald Trump and his administration removed from the White House. And it appears now more than ever, there’s serious momentum to make this happen.

In addition to an ongoing independent investigation being made into Trump’s ties to the Russians, there’s also the case against his unconstitutional executive orders that could potentially be cause for impeachment. 

But Waters was focused on the hearing of current FBI Director James Comey, who revealed Monday that the Russian investigation has been ongoing since July 2016. 



“I think the American people now understand one reason why I believe FBI Director James Comey has no credibility and why I’ve said that we need an independent commission to uncover the truth,” she begins. 

“Director Comey needs to answer one question: If he had information about the extent of Russia’s efforts to hack Donald Trump’s political opponents last July, why would he effectively advance their efforts by releasing a letter confirming a review of ‘newly uncovered’ Clinton emails recovered from an unrelated investigation in October that turned out to reveal no new information?”

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Adding, “Director Comey presides over an FBI under a Department of Justice headed by an Attorney General who lied under oath, and both serve under a President who has shown he will stop at nothing to obstruct and distract from any credible investigations of his campaign’s ties to Russia.”

More than ever an independent investigation needs to be demanded by lawmakers for the safety of this country.