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The KKK Announces Plans To Hold Trump Victory Rally

The nation's largest white supremacist hate group is planning a massive celebration in honor of Donald Trump.
The KKK Announces Plans To Hold Trump Victory Rally

It’s been less than a week since Donald Trump was declared President-elect and white supremacy enthusiasts are already on the move. 

In addition to former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke tweeting his excitement for Trump’s victory not long after the presidential election results were announced, there have also been multiple reports across the country involving racist white Americans verbally and physically attacking people of color since Tuesday. Keeping with the theme of hatred in honor of America’s new president, the KKK has now announced plans to hold a victory rally to celebrate Trump’s win.

According to The LA Times, The Loyal White Knights of Pelham, North Carolina will hold a parade in the city on December 3 as a celebratory event in light of Trump’s victory. The group, which is one of the largest KKK chapters in the country, states on their website they believe Trump’s campaign “united my people.”

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Trump has received consistent support from the KKK since announcing his run for presidency. While the President-elect claims he rejects any form of support from the white supremacist hate group, many of his offensive, racist, discriminatory comments and proposed policies indicate otherwise.