Chicago’s top prosecutor is one step closer to spending four more years as the first African American woman to lead the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office. Kim Foxx beat out more than three primary challengers for the Democratic nomination, bringing in more than 50 percent of the votes casted on Tuesday.

WGN9 Chicago reports that the Cook County state’s attorney race was one of the most expensive of its kind with Foxx’s most formidable opponent, Bill Conway, transferring in $10.5 million in family wealth to bolster his campaign. Despite the fact that Conway spent his daddy’s dollars building a name for himself, the people of Chicago chose a leader who has established herself as a true progressive prosecutor, and a record of success to back it up. 

Kim Foxx addresses supporters after win

WATCH LIVE: Kim Foxx addresses supporters after Bill Conway concedes in Democratic Cook County State's Attorney's race. More: by WGN TV on Tuesday, 17 March 2020

“Over the last four years I’ve heard these testimonies and created policies that address those who are most deeply impacted,” Foxx said during her victory speech about the personal stories that have impacted her policy-making while in office. The 2017 Woke 100 honoree went on to say that she’s led the state’s attorney’s office in prioritizing resources to confront gun violence in neighborhoods through innovative partnerships with the community. 

“For example, our gun crimes strategies unit was created to meet our communities where they are and work collaboratively with them to prevent crime, rather than simply reacting in the aftermath,” Foxx asserted. “These efforts have led to historic reductions in violent crime in these neighborhoods across Chicago.” 

In 2020, Chicago police reported its third consecutive year of gun violence decline, as well as a significant decline in murders. Shootings also saw a 10 percent drop and the number of people wounded by gun violence fell by 8 percent. The achievements were made under Foxx’s watch, even though the State’s Attorney has spent the last year of her administration plagued by controversy over her handling of the Jussie Smollet incident. Foxx recused herself from the case early on, but challengers suggested that she mishandled the public relations nightmare, and touted that as the reason to oust the criminal justice reformer.

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“There was an effort to make this election about one big case involving a celebrity,” Foxx said on Tuesday night. “The voters have overwhelmingly put that fallacy to rest.”

While Smollet overshadowed Foxx’s reelection for State’s Attorney, it could not take away from her progressive record. In addition to reducing the rates of gun violence, Foxx has spent the last several years working on bail reform, expunging cannabis convictions, breaking generations of poverty, addressing the generational impact of corrupt police, restoring faith in the criminal justice system and taking on Trump and ICE to make Chicago a safer place for immigrants seeking a better life. One of her most lauded accomplishments yet includes her work rectifying wrongful convictions.

“We’ve been righting the wrongs of the past by vacating convictions of the wrongfully accused as part of our commitment to justice,” Foxx noted. “This is why my office has overturned over 100 cases in the last three-and-a-half years. We lead the country in the vacating of wrongful convictions.”

Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Though Foxx admits that “transformative change is never easy,” she pledged during her victory speech to keep pushing for change that is fair, that is just, and that is equitable while keeping the communities under the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office safe.

“It is why I am so incredibly humbled and honored to receive this nomination today to continue that fight,” Foxx said, “and grateful to stand here with my family, the embodiment of what’s possible.”

Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx will face off with Republican challenger Patrick O’Brien during the November general elections.