Former Republican Congressman Joe Walsh Encourages Violence If Trump Loses
Brendan Hoffman/Chicago Tribune/MCT via Getty Images

Former GOP Congressman Joe Walsh is showing his true colors once again.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is continuing to slip at the polls as voters across the country prepare to elect the next U.S. president in less than two weeks, and it seems his right-wing counterparts are just as flustered as he is about the election outcome. Former congressman Walsh has a well-documented history of causing public controversy with his racist and prejudiced comments, but he recently took things to another level with a threatening tweet encouraging violence should Trump not emerge victorious on November 8.

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He later reiterated the thought with several follow-up tweets, suggesting that Republicans engage in what he describes as “civil disobedience.”

Funny how unarmed demonstrators calling for an end to unlawful police killings of African-Americans get arrested, yet a former member of Congress is free to incite violence and call for armed protests on a national platform without consequence.


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