2016 Election Day Survival Kit: 10 Things You'll Need To Make It Through

Ladies and gentlemen, Election Day 2016 is finally here. You've fought, you've prayed, you've debated your friends and family until you turned red (or blue, if ya nasty). You've even threatened to leave the country on social media (while making absolutely no plans to do so in real life.) And you've voted. Now, you just need to make it through the day, but you'll need the following items to do it.

Rachaell Davis Nov, 08, 2016

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Like Netflix marathons and ice cream, onesies make everything better. Particularly if they have feet in them. Don't debate us, just get you one.

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No matter the outcome of tonight's election, edges are likely to be snatched and sweated out. Proceed accordingly.

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Depending on how things go, you may need to send up a word or two--or three or four or five or six--of prayer.

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Liv has prepared us well for times like these. Go forth and prosper (responsibly, of course).

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Whether to catch your friend who suddenly runs off into the darkness after the election results are announced, or to run laps around your living room in celebration, these might come in handy tonight.

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Fix my life, fix my ballot, fix my plate. Fix it all, Iyanla. Fix. It. ALL.

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You may want to Swag Surf tonight. You may want to ask the melodies from heaven to rain down on you. Or you may want to do both. It's just best to be prepared for either.

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You'll need a friend who can't talk back and can sustain the most lit of celebration moments....or the harshest of crying fits.

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To keep cool in times of struggle, there's nothing that does the job quite like a church fan.

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'Nuff said. What did we miss?!