A Legitimate Threat: Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Would Be In Jail If He Were In Charge

During the second presidential debate, eclipsed by Donald Trump’s lewd sexual assault comments, the GOP nominee threatened Hillary Clinton with a special investigation into her emails, saying he would put the former Secretary of State in jail if he were in charge.

While discussing Clinton’s private email server, Trump told the crowd he would instruct his attorney general to “look into her situation.” When Clinton responded that it was a good thing he was not in charge of the laws in this country, Trump responded with a scathing and legitimate threat.

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“Because you would be in jail,” the GOP candidate said as the crowd erupted.

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Interestingly enough, while Trump’s comment might seem immature and not at all presidential, it is also terrifying considering that he believes he would hold this power if he were to become president.

That threat was not lost on viewers, who took to Twitter to express their disbelief.

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