Donald Trump Won’t Commit To Accepting Election Results If He Loses
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Wednesday night’s third and final 2016 presidential debate saw Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump make several outlandishly troubling remarks, but one in particular was a little more alarming than the rest.

In light of his struggle to stay afloat in the polls since the barrage of sexual assault allegations that have surfaced against him in recent weeks, Trump’s main strategy has been to push the idea that the upcoming election will be rigged. Taking the desperate narrative a step further during Wednesday night’s debate, the reality star turned politician refused to say he would accept the outcome of the election on November 8. “I will tell you at the time,” Trump told Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. “I’ll keep you in suspense.”

Whether or not Trump will actually follow through on his implied vow to potentially rail against the country’s electoral system remains to be seen.

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However, as Clinton pointed out on Wednesday evening, the fact that Trump is more focused on how he will react to potentially losing than preparing for a victory only proves just how much he’s not quite up for the job at hand.