Democrats Launch ‘Souls To The Polls’ Campaign To Increase Black Voter Turnout
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Democrats in North Carolina are going the extra mile to ensure Black voters are heard.

Hundreds were on hand to take advantage of early voting on Sunday at the historic Chavis Community Center in Raleigh, NC and if this election is anything like the last two, African-American voters in the state will play a crucial role in deciding who becomes the next president.

The community center served as a “separate but equal” facility for African-Americans at a time when segregation in the South was prevalent. Given recent Republican efforts to prevent the location from being one of a few early voting sites in the predominantly Black community, having such a massive turnout was a special moment for more reasons that one.

“This is the heartbeat of the Black community,” former local organizer Monica Taulmidge told CBS News on Sunday.

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The Chavis area is anticipated to be one of several communities in the vital swing state in which the Black vote could be the deciding factor in the election. To help rally the masses even more, a group of dedicated individuals have come together for an initiative called “Souls For The Polls.” The focus of the campaign is to encourage members and attendees of local churches to vote after Sunday services.

“Souls to the Polls is is an opportunity for people to come with their congregations right after church and to vote as a community of faith,” Taulmidge said. “Our communities of faith are super important to us so being a part of a church family…and saying we are going to be civically minded, we are going to be civically active and engage in this process, is a huge deal for a lot of people.”

North Carolina is one of several states where both Democrats and Republicans are mobilizing to take advantage of early voter days as the election approaches.