Democratic Party Sues Trump Campaign Over Voter Suppression Tactics
Ariel Skelley

The Democratic Party is taking action against a few of the many massive voter suppression efforts put in place by Donald Trump’s campaign team, as well as Republican lawmakers in several states.

The Trump campaign has consistently employed several blatantly suppressive strategies targeting urban communities and women – both of which are groups projected to be Hillary Clinton’s biggest supporters on Election Day. According to Think Progress, the Democratic Party filed a lawsuit against the Trump campaign on Monday over voter suppression efforts in four crucial states: Ohio, Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Among other things, the federal suit takes aim at the Trump campaign’s vocalized plan to have “poll observers” present at voting locations in Democratic-leaning states with large minority populations. The suit also accuses the Trump campaign of violating both the Voting Rights Act and the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871 by targeting Black and minority voters in urban communities with harassment and intimidation tactics in order to prevent them from voting.

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Other voter suppression tactics highlighted in the lawsuit include intentionally providing incorrect information about acceptable methods of voting and additional plans for future voter intimidation efforts on Election Day.

The Democratic Party is requesting that the courts act swiftly to ban any and all planned voter intimidation efforts immediately in light of the fast-approaching Election Day next Tuesday.