Recently, President Donald Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign launched its “Black Voices for Trump” coalition, whose stated aim is to “encourage the Black community to re-elect President Donald J. Trump by sharing experiences and successes of everyday people as a result of the Trump administration.” 

During the inaugural rally in Atlanta, Georgia, the embattled president—presumably surrounded by a bunch of Black folks with the bad weaves, wigs, botched fades, and odd hairlines often associated with Negroes who lean to the racist white  right in terms of their political ideology—shared fascinating revelations, such as Black people built this country. (Evidently, we needed that reminder from the real estate bigot known for not renting to “The Blacks.”)

Additionally, the campaign announced the members of the coalition’s advisory board, which include:

Herman Cain, best known as the Black idiot who served as chairman and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. He also ran an embarrassing presidential campaign in 2012, then later went on to become another blowhard mouthing off a bunch of nothing on conservative radio;

Fox Nation hosts Diamond and Silk, who are basically the answer to “What if Stacey Dash’s brain had a baby with the production crew of B.A.P.S.?” Those two blocked me on Twitter after referring to them as “LeStep and NaFetch,” but one presumes they are still all over social media rapping like 1986 about Sweet Potato Saddam. Please advise;

And Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece Alveda King, who is everything her uncle was not, and who doesn’t deserve a platform to say anything outside of, “Sorry for the damage that I have caused, Unc and Auntie.” 

With all that foolishness to go around, there is still one new Black surrogate named to the campaign’s advisory board that has piqued my interest for no other reason than his audacious displays of bigotry. His name is Clarence Mason Weaver, but he seems to go by Mason Weaver. So, let’s call him Clarence. Now, Clarence really, really hates my kind. According to Clarence, homosexuality is “evil” and an “abomination.” I know, I know: an ignorant old Black man thinking this is not new. 

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But Clarence, like the jackass he proudly represents, has upped the prejudice ante. It’s not just him thinking of me being a practicing homosexual as an affront to God; no, Clarence has argued that people have “got to worry about homosexual training” in schools. So much so that he homeschooled his kids to save them from all of the homosexual energy found in public schools.

Full disclosure: I did just speak at a high school about a week ago, but majorly on the fragile form of masculinity espoused by the likes of small men like Clarence. Last I heard, none of the students’ sexuality immediately switched. I wish queer people were as powerful as the simpletons suggests, but alas.

Clarence also refuses to appear on any program hosted by a gay person, claiming, “I appear on programs all the time with homosexuals. I will not appear on a program with a homosexual host and pretend like that’s normal.” Yet he has no problem appearing on that white nationalist show on Fox called Tucker Carlson Tonight. Some people are just more comfortable in the company of racists than sodomites, I guess. 

It doesn’t stop there. 

In a May 2016 video, Weaver criticized President Barack Obama for purportedly having wanted “to destroy the boundaries between men and women. Every aspect of our lives we’re told that men should be soft. Homosexuality is all over TV. Soft men. In our dancing, in our music. Men are weak and women are strong.” 

So, I guess he hated Homecoming?

Media Matters reports that in November 2018, Clarence posted a video complaining about an advertisement featuring a woman in a same-sex marriage. The aggrieved Christian also criticized people who try to find “common ground” on the issue, asking: “How can you find common ground with evil and sin?”   

It’s a question I keep asking Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg, but I digress. 

On Twitter, Weaver wrote: “WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING HOMOPHOBIC.” He also tweeted about a transgender contestant in the 2018 Miss Universe pageant: “This is not gender equality, it is gender delusion. You are a man. You don’t have a womb, you are a guy. It is not gender equality because you don’t equal a women. #StopPlaying.”

And speaking of women, Clarence doesn’t seem to like them much, either. He does not believe that women are equal to men and claims women damaged society when they won the “right to leave the home and go to work.” To him, women should carry themselves as “handmaidens” and “be submissive.” 

Clarence also said that women shouldn’t be “queens” because “we do not look for queens. Queens is hard work. We look for handmaidens, sweetheart. We look for a helpmate out here, girl. And no king is looking to share their kingdom.” 

This, from a court jester for Donald Trump, who was so geeked up about attending the coalition launch in Georgia that he excitedly wrote on Facebook that he got to “meet the President [and] shake his hand again.” 

Has any of this pumped you up to vote for Trump, yet? 

Me, neither. 

Still, it’s going to be a very-very-very long election year featuring various Black fools being given platforms to display their varying shades of idiocy for no other reason than they are willing to be a prop for a white supremacist. Y’all know it’s true. They’re all going to be on Fox News constantly; and in turn, those clips will be pumped out as often as possible. They’ll be called on stage, possibly referred to as “My African American” since that seems to be their kink over there. 

And don’t be surprised if—more likely, when—Clarence and Co. are standing next to Kanye West in those stupid red hats like the suckers and waste of Black skin they are.

We all need to be prepared for the cooning that awaits us.