The Best Post-Election Memes To Keep You Laughing Instead Of Crying

Let’s be honest, this election cycle has been pure foolery. From the Wikileaks emails to the onslaught of offensive and plain disrespectful comments from Trump, it’s a wonder we’re all still sane. Despite the mental (and emotion) exhaustion we all feel from this presidential election, we would like to believe there is some good we can take from this -- like a good laugh.

Who better to seize on this than Black Twitter?

As the resident Black voice for the online community, Black Twitter stays ready with an arsenal of clapbacks, glorious memes and shady captions that have us dying in laughter.

In light of what feels like a horrible nightmare, we have pulled together a few of the funniest post-election memes we could find on the web. Of course, we like to keep it classy, so you’ll find the real shady ones popping up on your timeline. Enjoy this laugh and remember, #staywoke.

Whitney Gaspard Nov, 11, 2016