Police Officer Responsible For Eric Garner’s Death Made At Least $36,000 More In 2016
© Tom Laybourne (Henry Donald)

A recent look into the 2016 earnings of the NYPD officer responsible for the fatal chokehold that ended Eric Garner’s life shows he’s making out pretty well these days.

According to the latest findings reported by Politico, officer Daniel Pantaleo has seen at least $36,000 in additional pay during the 2016 fiscal year.

In addition to his base salary of $78,026, the officer also made $23,220 in overtime pay, as well as $12,853 in “unspecified pay,” which the outlet notes could very well include retroactive earnings from the time Pantaleo spent on desk duty following Garner’s death. 

A grand jury failed to indict Pantaleo in connection with Garner’s 2014 death, where the officer was seen wrestling the Black father of five to the ground in a chokehold that ultimately killed him during an arrest for allegedly cigarettes outside of a local corner store.

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This revelation about Pantaleo’s earnings is the second stream of disappointing news for the Garner family this month.

Just last week, Garner’s daughter Erica publicly criticized NYC mayor Bill De Blasio for the city’s recent decision to enforce a law that prevents officers’ disciplinary records from being available to the public.