A white Georgia police officer has been charged for fatally shooting a fleeing Black motorist last week.

According to CBS News, officer Zechariah Presley of the Kingsland Police Department turned himself in on Wednesday after being charged with voluntary manslaughter and violation of oath of office in the death of 33-year-old Anthony Green.

Green was killed earlier this month after he jumped out of his car and ran from his vehicle, which was being pursued by Presley. Presley gave chase to Green and “[made] physical contact” before Green ran away again, according to police reports. Presley, 25, then fired multiple shots. 
The Georgia Bureau of Investigation used footage from Presley’s body-camera as evidence before deciding to obtain warrants for his arrest. Neither the body-camera video nor dash-camera images have been made public.

“Tony Green was gunned down in cold blood by Officer Presley,” Green’s family attorney, Reginald Greene, said in a statement. “We are encouraged by his swift arrest, but we intend to remain vigilant until he is brought to justice and the family is able to get answers as to why this happened in the first place. The senseless killings of Black men by police must stop.”

Presley had been on administrative leave while an investigation was being carried out. According to NBC News, his personnel file, which was released by the Kingsland Police Department, showed that Presley had been physically abusive to his wife, and had bought or sold marijuana among other inappropriate incidents. He joined the police force about 13 months ago. 

He is facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

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