Police Release Reports That Debunk Multiple Conspiracy Theories In Kenneka Jenkins Tragedy

New details surrounding the tragic death of Kenneka Jenkins have been released, debunking many of the conspiracy theories that circulated on social media soon after her death.

Authorities released a number of police reports and witness testimonies about the night Jenkins disappeared and the day she was later found. Her body was discovered on Sept. 10  in the walk-in freezer of the  Crowne Plaza O’Hare Hotel. Her death was declared an accident after the medical examiner determined that she died of hypothermia from the freezer. 

The reports show that the police followed up on the speculations that were circulating on social media, including the theory of foul play. Officers tracked down many of the people implicated in these theories, with some complaining that they were receiving death threats

One such theory was outlined in an anonymous call to police on Sept. 11 by a woman who said she saw Jenkins at the party. She claimed one of Jenkins’ associates was involved in a “blood gang” and could have accepted a $200 payment for her death. Further investigation found that not to be true.

The officers also noted some observers claimed to hear someone say “help me” on the video. But they also debunked that theory.

The documents show how the police interviewed many of the people who were with Jenkins on the night of her disappearance. She was described to have attended a party in Room 926, drank heavily and then seemingly wandered off after her friends left her in a hallway for 15 minutes to look for her missing cellphone and keys.

The reports also give a timeline of the events leading up to the discovery of Jenkin’s body, including her family’s frantic efforts to track her down. 

You can read more about the newly released reports here

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