Group Of Friends Playing ‘Pokémon Go’ Save a Couple From Overdose
The Official Pokemon Channel/YouTube

“Pokémon Go” has been described as a severe compulsion (at its worst) or a noble, honorable calling (at its best). Whatever the affliction, a group of friends stopped throwing Poké Balls on an overpass to save a couple from overdosing.

Deion Collier and his friends were searching for Pokémon when they noticed a car with two unresponsive individuals inside, moving slowly past them.

“When we were riding past and we saw – I told my brother, ‘something’s wrong. They’re asleep, something is wrong.’ I mean our first instinct was to just help,” Jasmine Brown told Fox News.

The group called 911 and the couple is now recovering in the hospital.

“I truly believe we were at the right place at the right time,” says Collier.


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