PNC Bank has been ordered to pay a former employee $2.4 million after failing to protect her from sexual harassment. According to NBC News, the Glen Ridge, New Jersey branch was aware that a white male customer frequently mistreated Black women, but failed to intervene on behalf of their employee.

Damara Scott, 41, sued PNC Bank and customer Patrick Pignatello after an October 2013 incident where 77-year-old Pignatello is alleged to have verbally harassed her as she walked to her car, then touched her on her backside. He was charged with sexual assault after the encounter but PNC allowed the man, who passed away months later, to keep his accounts open.

Scott’s lawsuit, which was settled on Monday in Essex County Superior Court, alleged that Pignatello had a history of bad behavior and was known to harass female employees, especially Black women. Scott, who had previous experiences with abuse, suffered from PTSD following her encounter with Pignatello. After working as an employee for more than a decade, Scott is no longer employed with the financial corporation.

PNC, in a statement to NBC, said that they do not “condone harassment of any kind,” and added, “We have a long-standing history of providing a safe workplace for our employees, and robust policies and procedures to help ensure that we continue to do so.”

PNC Bank told the outlet that they plan to appeal the decision. Scott settled with Pignatello’s estate last year for an undisclosed amount.


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