I have referenced The Four Agreements on numerous occasions. I love the book and the message that it left imprinted in my head. I continue to recommend the book to people. Interestingly enough, yesterday, two different people in two different states contacted me to tell me that they read the book. One person took the time to paraphrase the book and the points that stood out most to him. Wonderful! With one exception… He got one of the agreements wrong. Be impeccable  with your word. ~PAUSE~ Words hold a lot of weight. Be careful. Think before you speak. Be sure that you are communicating clearly and saying exactly what you mean. That is all you can control. How a person interprets what you say is on them. You cannot control that. ~PLAY~ 

Keep your word is not the same as be impeccable with your word. Being impeccable with your word puts the responsibility  on you to come right with your word from the start. Be sure that what you are saying is actually what you want to communicate. Be impeccable; say what’s in your heart. Even if what is in your heart has changed. Stop lying to others. Stop telling people what you think they want to hear and speak the truth. And most importantly, stop lying to yourself. Some one told me once, “Nobody lies to you more than you lie to yourself.” I never forgot that.

It is important that we remember change is inevitable. And sometimes what you thought to be true yesterday is not true today. Life is change. How do you grow with it, if at all? Do you accept the changes and forgive yourself for the mistakes? Do you continue to beat yourself up over ideas and things you could not foresee? Do you become a victim… Trying to do what you think is t right verses doing what you know is right?

Sigh… It really is not as complicated as we make it. Miguel Ruiz, encourages us in The Four Agreements to “always do your best.” The genius of “your best” is realizing that “your best” will vary. Some days your best is better than others. Be honest with yourself. And more than anything forgive yourself for your mistakes. Learn from them. Move on and let go.

Forgiving myself…


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