I’m not starting off by telling you that Valentine’s Day is not important in an attempt to make you feel better if you don’t have a “Valentine” today. If this day is special to you and you don’t have someone special to spend it with, I can understand your disappointment. At the same time, if this day has never been a big deal to you and you couldn’t care less, I can understand that too. My point is I’d like to see you be comfortable with whatever it is you are feeling today.

Personally, Valentine’s Day is not major for me, but I do appreciate the day. Last year on Valentine’s Day morning, Cullen reminded me via text or phone call (can’t remember) that it was Valentine’s Day and while it is a day for “lovers” and we weren’t quite there yet, he was excited about the possibilities of the future.

Well, a full year later, my “lover” and I woke up next to each other. During our morning conversation Cullen said, “Wow, a lot of men will be under serious pressure today.” And I said, “Well, thank God you don’t have to worry about that. We know our love and as long as we’re together, I couldn’t care less.” I mean that. I don’t need a bunch of roses and candy on February 14th to show me you care if you don’t show me all the other days of the year. I prefer consistency in my relationship. Appreciate me every day! And if you want to go a little harder on V-day with a card or a little (or big! Ha!) token, I’ll take it and appreciate that too.

I’ve never been big on one-time wonders. PAUSE ~ I had a boyfriend who sent me flowers ONCE at the start of our relationship. You know during that time when he was trying to make a good impression and lock me down. The flowers were beautiful and unexpected, and the card attached was so sweet. I never received another flower or card for the rest of the relationship, and the biggest unexpected act to follow took place on the day he broke up with me — leaving me wounded, but not damaged. PLAY ~

I am no more thankful today than I am any other day for my loved ones, including my Cullen! And I do my best to be candid on a regular basis and let them know just how much they mean to me. Consistent… But today, I’ll take a little time and remind them. Not because I feel I have to, but because I want to.

And so to you, my faithful readers… I know I’ve told you before how much I appreciate your support, encouragement, notes, opinions, etc. Today, I want to remind you: I do love you! Honestly… without you my words, my voice would just be trapped in my heart. 

Thank you for giving a place to let my emotions run free.

Happy Valentine’s Day (if you’re into it) — if not… Happy “I Appreciate You” Day!

XO ~


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