I have a cousin who is SO top secret! I mean she is always talking in code and whispering. She HATES for anyone to know her business. I used to get annoyed with her. “I mean really, nobody cares! Who do you think is studying YOUR life?” I’d say and laugh with her. But one day, she said something to me that I never forgot, “When your friends become your foes, round and round your secrets go.” ~PAUSE~ Okay, so it sounds like a nursery rhyme, but it rings true for so many people. ~PLAY~ What I’ve learned is that it’s not just your foes that talk, your friends do too and it is not all malicious… I guess.

I think people underestimate the value and importance of keeping their word. I believe that my life and stories are mine to share with those whom I wish to share. I mean, I blog for crying out loud so clearly there are some things that I do not mind divulging, but I do it in my own time about topics I’ve okayed!

I am a conversationalist and there are some points of my life that I want to discuss with my friends to get their opinions and advice before I make my own decision. That does not give them the right to go discussing my matters with others, right? Well, that is how I felt originally, but then I had to really stop and think. If you want to really keep a secret, don’t tell… ANYONE! That betters your chances of keeping you business safe and sound in your own world. But should you feel the need to tell your friends, do it. And if they speak on what’s yours… Well, you gave it to them to give to others. And now you know. When people show you who they are, believe them. Immediately. Don’t you dare be so narcissistic that you believe what people do to others will not be done to you. It is not always with ill intent. Some people really do believe they know what is best for you and make their own decisions about YOUR life. And then call it friendship. “Oh, I was just looking out for you. I didn’t think you would mind if I told…”

It’s not that they aren’t a real friend. They may be really great in some areas and not so good at keeping secrets. I do not believe in cutting good people off for minor stuff. Although, “minor” is relative! What you deem minor I may consider major. ~PAUSE~ And then, I’d be cutting you off for some major ish! LOL ~PLAY~ In any event, treat people the way they deserve to be treated. Share what you have decided they should know. Be careful with your personal business, your life. Don’t make the same mistakes with the same people. After all…  Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me… Everyone is not created equal. Know your audience and act right!

And for what it is worth, be the good you want to see in others… If someone shares their business with you, keep your mouth shut. Their story is NOT yours to tell!


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