“Even supreme optimists have fears or points that make them move slower, differently, cautiously. The fascinating point of distinction between optimists and others is the optimists’ belief in their own ability to reach their goals.” ~PSM

I am an optimist and I am jaded; what a combination. I believe in me; in my future. I believe that I will continue to touch the lives of complete strangers and encourage them to keep going… despite life’s challenges. I believe that I will be the center of my husband’s world because he will be the center of mine. I believe that I will have a love that far exceeds anything I’ve ever thought love could be. I believe I will fall in love with my friend who will become my “there is no other friend in my life like you” friend. A new kind of best friend. I believe my children will love me the way I adore my mother.

I’ve not always known that I would get married, but when I grew to understand the woman I am and the love I have inside to give, I knew I would one day be part of an extraordinary union.

Over the years, through heartache, heartbreak, surprises, disappointments and uncertainty, I never wavered in my belief. I have wondered when it will happen, but I never wondered if. My conviction has allowed me to move forward when some would have buckled and take risk and play my hand when others would have folded.

Each day that I continue on this journey, I remember this is a risk. I have fears, I am nervous… and I also have an undeniable belief in my ability to reach my end goals. I will succeed at whatever I put my mind to; as long as I always do my best, I have succeeded.

Life brings challenges that make it hard to move sometime, let alone move forward. Keep on keeping on… the funny thing about life, you don’t realize how much you’ve lived until you live! Enjoy the journey as much as you can and appreciate your experiences; good and bad. There is a reason for it all. We just may never know it…

One of you just had the wind knocked out of you by what maybe the most devastating news you’ve ever received. I will never tell you that you don’t have the right to be in this moment. Feel the devastation; accept what’s happened. But please don’t stay there too long… when you can, catch your breath. Inhale deeply. Get up. Stand firm. Take a look around. Get your mind right. Exhale. And move forward; with the belief that it will get better. It always does; if you want it.


Stay up!

With love…



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