Ladies, ladies, ladies. Can we chat for a minute? In fashion, the proper undergarments are everything! I’m just shocked and amazed by how many women are still walking around with panty lines and cellulite showing through their fabulous attire.

News flash! Spanx, shape-wear, body smoothers and the like are not just for plus-size models! Get up on it! Bey does it, Alicia does it, Kim Kardashian does it… if they can do it, surely you can. If your booty has a bounce to it and your thighs are not solid like Serena’s, chances are you need some type of support under certain dresses and skirts.

I was walking through the NYC streets the other day and I saw a very attractive sister walking on the other side of the street working a purple maxi dress. I mean she looked great. Accessories, shoes, glasses… all on-point. Just as she moved from my side view to my front view, I saw it… her dress kept getting caught in her booty that had a whole lot of bounce. PAUSE  ~ I’m not hating on the bounce. I believe in the bounce is beneficial… at least it has been for me, however, there is a time and a place for everything. I prefer to keep my bounce private. (wink, wink!) PLAY ~ I wanted to run across the street and say, “Excuse me, sis, you look beautiful. I really love that dress and it looks amazing on you. One thing… have you ever heard of body smoothers or shape-wear? Try it… then you can stop pulling your dress out of your behind every third step. Here is a gift certificate and my email address. Let me know how you love it…”

Now, while it was still all wrong for her dress (panties would not allow that dress to keep getting stuck!), I give her props for wearing a thong. Ladies, there is no reason why I should ever see your panty line in 2012. After all that singing Sisqo did, “Thong, th-thong, thong, thong”, every woman should own them and use them. I don’t want to hear that they are uncomfortable. You’ll get used to it. PAUSE ~ Personally, I KNOW I have too much junk in my trunk for panties… I only wear full panties at the gym. PLAY ~

Ladies, big or small, you need support; the correct support. I’m speaking of bras, shape-wear, slips, panties, etc. I’ve seen everything from size 22 to 2 looking ALL WRONG because they just did not have on the right foundation… the first step to a wonderful wardrobe.

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