Dear Mr. & Mrs. Perfect,

You’re not. Let me start there. While we appreciate your wish to impress upon others your opinion, I’d like to remind you that opinions are like a**holes, everybody has one. And although some of your opinions may, in fact, be based on truths, your word, no matter how elegant, is not gospel.

Oh, Mr. & Mrs. Perfect, we thank you for holding up the mirror of self-reflection and requesting that we examine our faults, shortcomings and developmental areas. We just ask that you take a minute to look in that same mirror and let us know what you see. And if by chance you see perfection, please allow us to break you down and dissect you as you so often do for us without solicitation.

And Mr. & Mrs. Perfection, with your poise and diction, calm mannerisms and monotone, please be careful with your words. Think before you speak. No, not only of how to articulate and form sentences, but of the impact your words and your opinions will have on the lives of others. You and your false sense of humility, watch how you speak… to me. You and your casual tone, your casual words, your casual destruction. You’re destroying the lives of some, breaking the hearts of others and shattering the hopes and dreams of those who genuinely believe in you and have not yet realized that…

Mr. & Mrs. Perfect… are not.

Imperfect and all…


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