It appears that the ongoing federal corruption trial in Philadelphia may have a new indictment charge.

Philadelphia city councilmember Kenyatta Johnson has been involved since last week, but now his wife, Dawn Chavous, is also indicted in the case.

The prosecution is arguing councilman Johnson’s seat was sold in a bribery scheme. They claim Chavous was given a consultant job for Universal Companies, a nonprofit that develops affordable housing and operates charter schools, in exchange for Johnson’s vote on key projects.

In looking at her contract, Chavous made nearly $67,000, but prosecutors claim it was a “low show” job that only existed so money could be funneled to Johnson’s accounts.

The lawyer for Johnson argued that no bribe was necessary because the councilman supported Universal’s mission for years before Chavous was hired. It is being contested by Chavous’ attorney that she was hired only due to expertise and not because of any martial ties to her husband.

The case has gripped those in Philadelphia tightly as earlier this year former councilman Bobby Henon was convicted earlier this year.

The trial involving Johnson and Chavous is expected to last for about three weeks.