The city of Philadelphia has put a stop to low level traffic stops, making it the largest city in the nation to do so.

On Wednesday, Mayor Jim Kenney instructed police to no longer pull over drivers for minor offenses, NBC 10 reported

The City Council passed the Driving Equality Bill last month which bans law enforcement from making traffic stops for secondary violations, such as a driver improperly displaying his or her registration or having a broken taillight, NPR reported.

Critics of the police practice say these types of traffic stops more often than not disproportionately target minority drivers. 

However, advocates who believe officers should pull over drivers for minor offenses, believe it’s a great way to prevent drug and weapon trafficking.

These types of stops have led to many high-profile deaths by police officers. Sandra Bland, Walter Scott, and Duante Wright all died after being pulled over for low-level offenses.

Other states have passed similar legislation. A Virginia statute prevents law enforcement from pulling over a driver for minor offenses, such as the smell of marijuana or objects hanging from the rearview mirror.

According to CNN Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey stated in August, that police officers were banned from pulling over drivers for secondary violations, as well.


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