The cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta brings the drama like no other, but Phaedra Parks says she’s over one specific incident.

On last season’s reunion show, it was revealed that Parks’ co-star Kenya Moore and husband Apollo Nida had exchanged inappropriate text messages. A few messy episodes and loads of gossip later, Phaedra parks says that she is tired of the topic.

“It obviously is a television show, so it’s for entertainment and you don’t always get to see the full gamut of what truly goes on,” Parks told Good Day Atlanta. “Textgate happened in 2012. It’s 2014 and they are still trying to run that storyline.”

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Despite her stance on the issue, it has continued to be an attention grabber, with recent episodes zeroing in on Moore and Nida’s apparent attraction to each other while away on a group trip to Mexico. 

The Secrets of a Southern Belle author also hinted that the constant rehashing of the incident is due to a lack of storyline for her co-star Kenya Moore. 

“Some of us on the show don’t have a lot going on outside of the show. Fortunately, I have several jobs, many careers and many degrees. So unlike some of the other ladies, my life is very full. So I don’t have to talk about something from two years ago constantly and obsess with foolery because I actually have things that I have going on.”