Phaedra Parks says she had no clue of her husband Apollo Nida’s criminal activities. In an appearance on Ellen, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star says she thought she had “married a changed person” after Nida’s first prison stint—he was on parole when they met in 2009.

“The person I married, I thought he was changed,” she said.

Nida is currently serving an 8-year prison sentence for fraud.

“I didn’t have any idea this was going on until he called me and said ‘Hey, I’ve been arrested and I’m having this problem, but it’s not true, ” she said, adding that she had helped get her husband the best attorneys to fight the charge.

Parks is now raising their two sons, Ayden and Dylan, alone. “It is extremely hard,” she said. “My heart aches for my two sons. They are the heart and soul of who I am. That’s the best thing that we ever did together.”

Parks also dismissed the rumors of an affair with a man from Africa named “Chocolate.”

“Everybody knows that I do love a Snickers bar every once in a while, but it’s definitely not a man from Africa that I’ve ever had an affair with,” she said.