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[BLANK_AUDIO] White people. Yes, black people know that all lives matter. But what I need you guys to understand is that being a black person in America is very, very hard. Although you all love to say nobody should see race, people are the reason that racism is still alive, well what kind of people are the reason? Black racists have no power, whereas white racists do. Someone proposed me with the question the other day and I'm a little stuck on it. I was asked was I trying to racially unite or racially insight? Well honestly I feel that My goal is to racially unite. In a lot of ways they are. So, discrimination still goes on and the fact that now they're making laws to openly discriminate against the culture of the LGBT community that says a lot. But just truly think about the fact that civil rights, the fact that they only saw it legally necessary to acknowledge African Americans as citizens, to make that law, only 51 years ago. I will not apologize for it, because at the moment Black lives matter. Specifically to my Chicago lands, hopefully you all are registered to vote and gonna go out there and place your vote. If you do not vote, you do not have a voice. You cannot complain about what's going on if you do not go out there and do your part. On my last video, I did speak on depression and I want you guys to know it's a daily struggle, it is a daily It's a daily test, but I'm here to tell somebody don't let the depression get you down. Do not let it hold you and keep you locked in your spot where you are, because depression is nothing but the devil. [BLANK_AUDIO] With freedom there comes responsibility, and we as a culture, we are responsible for ourselves. We have a job to do. So my kings and queens let's get to work. I'm ready, what about you? Sandy speaks.

The Only Officer Charged In Sandra Bland Case Gets Perjury Charge Dropped Against Him 

The former state trooper who arrested Sandra Bland recently got the perjury charge dropped against him. 


The former Texas state trooper who arrested Sandra Bland has forfeited his law enforcement license in exchange for having a perjury charge against him dismissed. 

Brian Encinia was the only officer charged after Bland was arrested near Houston for assault following a combative exchange with Encinia. She was found dead in the Waller County jail three days later on July 13, 2015. Her death was ruled a suicide. 

The ex-state trooper agreed to forfeit his peace officer license and no longer work in law enforcement. This case will also permanently remain on Encinia’s record. 

Prosecutors released the following statement: “We understand that this is far from a perfect solution, and that many people will feel that this is an inadequate punishment, while others feel that charges should have never been filed. This is a solution that will guarantee that Mr. Encinia will never be a licensed law enforcement officer again.”

However, Bland’s family is unhappy with the dismissal of the charges.

The family attorney Cannon D. Lambert said, “The special prosecutor assured the family they would see the matter to trial. The family relied on that. The prosecutor didn’t even reach out to the family to notify them that they were looking to cut this deal. What was gained – him never being an officer anymore, would have been gained by a conviction. They gave up a chance to seek justice and got nothing.”

No one was charged in Sandra Bland’s death. The ‘Sandra Bland Act’ was signed into law by Texas Governor Abbott on June 15, 2017.