Fresh on the scene after a very public divorce from superstar baller Jason Kidd, former supermodel and sports reporter Joumana Kidd is the free-spirited, glass-is-half-full component in the “Let’s Talk About Pep” cocktail of single ladies. Not looking to settle down too quickly, the mother of three is doing something she’s never done before–dating.

We chatted with Joumana about living single for the first time in her adult life.

ESSENCE.com: How did you get involved in the show?
KIDD: Well, I’ve been friends with Sandra (Pep) for a long time. And at first it was supposed to be us helping Pep find love, but then it just grew kind of organically into all of our dating experiences.

ESSENCE.com: You seem like the sort of optimistic one. What do you bring to the dynamic of the group?
KIDD: My friends are always shocked that after everything, I’m still surprised when someone does something wrong. I tend always see the good in people. That’s who I am and part of me doesn’t want that to change. Actually, I don’t know if I could change that.

ESSENCE.com: So you’re just having a good time and not taking things too seriously?
KIDD: Yeah, exactly. After my divorce and the infidelity and having everything be so public, I just wanted some time to just date and have fun. I realized I’ve never really been single. I went from dating my ex-boyfriend to meeting my ex-husband.

ESSENCE.com: What’s it been like for you?
KIDD: Well, since I’m not looking for anything serious, I’m allowing myself to date people I wouldn’t normally date.

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