Paula Patton On Choosing Movies: ‘I Don’t Like to Make Rules’
Terrence Jennings, Stephen Knight

Paula Patton says when it comes to choosing movie roles—whether it’s action, romantic comedy or thrillers, she doesn’t like to box herself in.

The Baggage Claim actress told The Grio recently that she changes her mind all the time. “I don’t like to make rules,” she explained. “I change my mind so often that I wouldn’t want to put into print or document that ‘I won’t do this or I won’t do that,’ because it all depends on the context.”

For Patton, who is also wife to controversial R&B hit man Robin Thicke, she just wants to be part of a good movie at the end of the day. “For me it’s not about doing a great role in a bad movie, it’s about wanting to be part of a great movie, and then hopefully having a character that’s something that you can really sink your teeth into.”

And Patton has been sinking her teeth into a number of meaty roles as of late. At the top of the summer, she appeared in 2 Guns as Denzel Washington’s sexy and equally sneaky girlfriend. According to IMDB, she just wrapped up shooting About Last Night and Warcraft. Both are set to be released in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

Baggage Claim opens in theaters this Friday.