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Patti LaBelle Calls Ledisi One of the 'Best Singers'

Patti gives Ledisi a compliment she won't soon forget backstage... at the ESSENCE Music Festival.
When Patti LaBelle calls another singer “one of the best,” you better know she’s talking about a true talent. Ledisi was the recipient of Patti’s praise when the two spent some time bonding backstage at the ESSENCE Music Festival.

“I love you so much,” Patti told Ledisi on an Urban Daily video interview. “You are one of those people that will have a long, long, long career. You’re one of the best singers I’ve ever heard.”

Patti also commended Ledisi for her humble spirit. “You’re on your way to accomplishing [longevity] because you’re nice to people. I’ve watched you so many times and you’re kind.”

Ledisi reveled in the praise and also shared why Patti is her idol. “I watched you,” Ledisi shared about following in Patti’s footsteps. “You’re beautiful and you’re honest. You can feel your heart when you sing.”

Ms. Patti and Ledisi praising each other? Now this was a moment to relish.