With the impending return of all U.S. troops from Iraq, Grammy winner Patti Austin is getting involved. She’s agreed to dedicate her hit song “Soldier Boy” to all returning troops — and she needs your help.

According to a press release, Austin is asking you to submit videos and photos from veterans or family members of veterans of the Iraq War. A Facebook page has been created to collect these photos and videos.

Austin says, “There’s nothing more selfless than our men and women who lay down their lives in support of our country. They deserve to be treated with the honor and respect befitting guardians of democracy around the world. President Obama has signed legislation to help unemployed veterans find work. The least that I can do is to raise awareness of the plight of our returning soldiers.”

She’s incredibly passionate about paying tribute to our nation’s troops. Over 40,000 soldiers are expected to return home by the end of the year. In the nine years America has been in Iraq, 6,300 US soldiers have died.

Click here to submit your videos and photos for Austin’s “Soldier Boy” video tribute.