Pastor Fatally Shoots Brick-Wielding Man During Church Service
AP Photo/ Corey Williams

A Detroit pastor is in police custody after fatally shooting a man armed with a brick during last Sunday’s church services.

According to USA TODAY, an unnamed man entered City of God church 15 minutes after the afternoon service began. The man reportedly approached the pastor, who hasn’t been identified, in a vestibule leading into the storeferont church. The two man were sparring when the pastor pulled out a gun and shot the other man in the chest multiple times. He died at a nearby hospital.

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“They knew each other and had some type of problem before,” Assistant Detroit Police Chief Steve Dolunt told USA TODAY. “When I got there, the body had already been moved. The pastor was in custody. We had the gun.”

Parishioners say that church officials had recently filed police reports against the victim for making threats. No other detailsh ave been released.