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Parents Of 9-Year-Old San Bernardino School Shooting Survivor Speak Out About His Recovery 

Rachel and Leon Brandy's young son Nolan was standing behind his teacher when her husband opened fire on their classroom.


Two parents whose young son miraculously survived the horrific San Bernardino school shooting say he is recovering better than expected.

Nolan Brandy was one of two students injured when Cedric Anderson walked into North Park Elementary School on Monday and fired 10 shots into the classroom of his wife Karen Smith, in what authorities have since called an apparent “murder-suicide” that stemmed from a domestic dispute. Smith was a teacher at the school.

The 53-year-old educator, along with 9-year-old Nolan and another 8-year-old student were all hit when Anderson opened fire. Nolan, who was standing behind Smith when she was struck, was the only survivor of the three.

Speaking briefly with CNN on Friday, Nolan’s parents recounted the moment they found out that their son’s school had been targeted by a gunman. “I was at home and I found out about it while watching TV,” Nolan’s mother, Rachel Brandy, said. “I saw a news break and immediately, I was upset because it was my son’s school. I left my house and I went to the high school to see if I could find out any information regard this but, of course, the high school was on lock down.”

Mrs. Brandy added that although it was “a while” before she and the other concerned parents were able to get any additional information about the shooting, she was eventually able to call her husband and let him know that they needed to head to the hospital immediately.

“It was very surreal and we couldn’t believe it but, we know our son is going to be alright so, we are truly thankful for that,” she said.”

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As far as how their son is doing after surviving the tragedy, the Brandys says he’s in good spirits and looking forward to leaving the hospital.

“He’s doing fine. He’s recovering better than we expected so, he’s moving right along with his recovery,” Mrs. Brandy said. “He’s in really good spirits, he’s upbeat,” Nolan’s father, Leon Brandy, added.  “He’s looking forward to going home so, you know, he’s really happy.”

A teacher from North Park Elementary School has since launched a GoFundMe page to help Nolan and his family as he recovers. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to all of the families affected by this terrible tragedy.


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